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Note from Nicole ~ The Messy Closet

By Nicole Donnelly

Have you ever cleaned out a closet? Like, really took out all the stuff. The good stuff, the bad stuff, the stuff no one likes anymore, the stuff you're keeping around just to keep around. And as you're digging, you find things you forgot you even had. Some of those things you loved. Some of those things you buried deep so that you could forget about them.

You empty your closet completely and then you turn around and the room is a gigantic disaster.

Slowly, though, you start putting things back in. You choose what you want to keep. You make a donate pile. You trash the things that no longer bring you joy or serve you in some helpful way. Maybe you even make a list of things you thought you had, but don't. Things you need to get.

The closet becomes organized. The room gets cleaned up. Your mind is clearer, your closet is what you need it to be.

Sometimes, your life is that closet. Embrace the challenge. Clean it out. Find out what you have, what you need, what serves you. Life might be messy for awhile, just like that room. But before you know it, it'll be cleaned up again and order will be restored... whatever that order looks like for you.

Good luck with your cleaning.




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