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December is HERE!

A Note from Katy

December is here. The excitement of the holidays. The end of the year deadlines. All the school events and family and friend events. I'm literally taking deep breaths as I type these words trying to calm myself down.

I was sick this week - my husband was sick, and one of my kids was sick. And all I can think of is BEHIND. I'm so behind in life. Work, laundry, (crap, I forgot to switch the laundry, BRB) Christmas shopping. The twins birthday is next week - party invite sent to just a few of their closest friends, but yet I have no plan for that. No plan to celebrate with family. Every year, I say I'll do better. Maybe next year.

So this week's note will be brief - take a breath. And know you're not alone if you're freaking out. I am freaking out right along side of you. If you're not freaking out and you're cool, calm, collected and have it all under control - keep it to yourself. Next year you can teach me your ways.

Happy December!





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