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New Farmers Market Popping Up in Pasadena

By Katy Agro Myers

A new Farmer's Market is popping up in Pasadena just in time for Fall! The Backyard Farmer's Market will feature Pumpkins, Mums, Produce, Hay, games, & so much more!

You can buy things like Apple Cider Slushies at Ice Shack. Pumpkin Pie Bowls at Phresh.

Pick up apple butter, honey, crafts, pumpkins, specialty pumpkins, and mums. Or just lounge around and play games. If you want AMAZING Amish Produce, local baked goods, pumpkin latte creamers, and NEW mums that haven’t bloomed… check it out!

Come on by and sign their BRAND NEW chalkboard wall with your name and hometown!!



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