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Best Sledding Spots in Anne Arundel County

We're unsure whether our kids like sledding more, or we do. With a snow day today (finally!), we've pulled together some of our favorite places in Anne Arundel County to go sledding.

Because we know just as much as you that when there's snow on the ground, there's zero chance the kids won't want to play in it! If you'd like to share a hidden sledding gem, email us at


❄️ Heritage Park on Forest Drive (for younger kids)

❄️ Quiet Waters Park (for a family with a wide age range)

❄️ South River High School

❄️ St. John’s College (back field)

❄️ Riva Park


❄️ Anne Arundel Community College behind the back of the school in the far left corner.

❄️ Bayhills Golf Course

❄️ Broadneck High School


❄️ Walden Golf Course (look for 2nd hole)

❄️ Near Kenilworth Elementary in Bowie


❄️ Pleasantville Park

Ft. Meade:

❄️ Pershing Hill Elementary School

Glen Burnie:

❄️ Solley Park (behind Orchard Beach VFC)

Freetown Park

Linthicum: ❄️ BWI trail (near Andover Pool)

❄️ Linthicum Park (by Benton Ave playground)

❄️ Lindale Middle School (in the back)

❄️ Overlook Park


❄️ Kinder Park Upper Playground Area

❄️ Driveway to the Pointfield community pier


❄️ Ft. Smallwood Elementary School

❄️ Tick Neck Park

❄️ Chesapeake High School


❄️ Center of Applied Technologies North

Severna Park:

❄️ Folger McKinsey

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