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I Love This Life ~ A Note from Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! Crazy sports schedules, out-of-town tournaments, fall activities, parties, and more. I fall into bed each night exhausted from the schedule AND the mental load (you know what I mean).

Book fairs, field trips, and the laundry is never-ending. There are never enough groceries in the house. I'm constantly feeling like I can't keep up. But in the craziness - there are so many good memories. The spontaneous get-togethers with friends where wine if flowing and kids are laughing. Watching my oldest son's social life blossom. Getting an extra snuggle from one of the little ones.

My husband has been on an overnight field trip the last 24 hours with the twins and while I was feeling a little FOMO for not being with them, I have loved this for him. Getting to interact with their friends and teachers. Being the "cool" chaperone. He's given me the gift of sending pictures of the boys doing all the things. All three will be stinky and exhausted when they come home today but I cannot wait to hear about their adventures.

I've found myself saying a lot lately, "I love our life" and I truly do. We are so blessed with family, friends, and the framily we've created. Be sure to take a moment this week to enjoy your friends and family. To slow down and be IN the moment with them and not think about the 5,000 things that need to be done.





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