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The Secret to a Summer Without Yelling

By Katy Agro Myers

Our summer started with a vacation so this week we have spent adjusting back to real life and getting into our groove for summer. Getting into a routine in the summer can be hard! Some weeks are full of camps, some weeks are full of fun. Some days we stay up later than others. Some days we have to get up early and some days we get to sleep in! It makes it really tough to find the balance between stability and routine and having fun! Just the other day, Lucas said to me, "I thought summer was supposed to be fun - not full of jobs!"

So I instituted the Summer Rules! These rules are just the mainstay every day. My boys know the expectations and understand what they get in return! Each day they have to get their Daily 3 completed. I also added in the Earn Screen Time Chart - actually, if I'm honest, I've required them to read 20 minutes daily AND do their workbook in order to get 30 minutes of video games. I haven't really allowed them the option of not doing it. And if I'm really of them is currently having a complete meltdown in his room over the requirement. 🤪

Is it perfect? Nope. Does it work every day? Nope. Will we keep this up all summer? Probably not. BUT it has cut down on a lot of arguing and it has helped with all of our attitudes. So the images are below, feel free to save them to your phone for future use! Also, if you click the images, you can download and print them for FREE.

Here's hoping you enjoy a FUN summer with less fighting! Good luck!

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