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The Gift of Covid ~ A Note from Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

Let's throw it back to 2019 for a minute. My babies were in Kindergarten and life was good. I headed to work at their Halloween party at school where I made a new friend - the mom of one of their friends from class! Jessica and I hit it off immediately.

Then came the dreaded day in March when the world shut down. We stayed at home. We quarantined. It was lonely, the kids were stir-crazy, and everyone was getting on each other's nerves. When it was safe to play outside, we started meeting Jessica and her kids at the park for lunch dates. The kids never ate, they played and chased. Their laughter was the sound of miracles.

1st grade and virtual learning came around and I got to know Rachel because our kids were in the same class and we'd text about assignments. Jessica and I decided to invite Rachel to the playdates too! We started a group text with the three of us...and never looked back.

This week, we're saying "see you later" to Rachel and her family as they are off on a new adventure for a few years. It's had me feeling all the feels and reflecting back on the last few years of our friendship. From celebrating milestones to complaining about our kids and husbands (nah, we never do that 😎😉). Birthday shots, lazy creek days, pool days, and Friendsgiving pizza picnics. We've packed a lot of memories into a short time.

That group text feels like home. When I need to vent or a pick me up. When I need to celebrate, I know my girls are there. This friendship that might not have developed at all if it weren't for covid. So today, I'll look to the silver lining again. I am thankful for the crazy world that has been the last few years -because I'm thankful for the gift of friendship that it has given me.

Love you girls...and our kiddos.



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