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Simplify Spring Sports Schedules with The Take Out

By Katy Agro Myers

Three kids, multiple sports, practice, and other activities have me already pulling my hair out thinking about spring! Here's what a typical week in our house looks like:

Monday: Lucas Church, Katy HOA Meeting

Tuesday: Lucas Agility Training

Wednesday: Twins Soccer, Lucas Agility Training

Thursday: Lucas Agility Training, Rob HOA Meeting

Friday: Games, family night, etc.

My kids don't get out of school until 4pm and when you add in homework, snacks, dinner, we're basically just rushing around every day of the week. I made a commitment to myself to eat better this year-but I also made a commitment to myself to find ways to simplify. To outsource where I can and get help where I can. One of the things that bogs me down is dinner. Meal planning, grocery shopping, even cooking-I just don't have the patience for it right now. In the past when we've thought about getting food from a restaurant, we don't love the unhealthy options that sometimes come with carry out. I wanted something to fuel our bodies, taste delicious, and easy! Thank goodness I discovered The Take Out!

Chefs Joe & Ryan have teamed up to create an amazing new concept: Take-Out! Nutritious, FRESHLY prepared meals that you can grab and go for lunch and dinner. We love to grab a meat and two sides-typically mac n cheese for the boys and salad for the parents and voila! Dinner is served! The serving sizes are generous and we always have leftovers for the next day. You can choose from the menu and order ahead or take advantage of their nightly specials:

Hot Dinners - $17 per dinner Choice of 1 protein and 2 sides

Monday: Rotisserie Chicken or Yellowstone Meatloaf Roasted Potatoes or Basmati Rice Pilaf

Mom’s Kitchen Broccoli or Roasted Green Beans

Tuesday: Teriyaki Chicken or Teriyaki Salmon Sweet and Spicy Tropical Rice or Mac N Cheese Mom’s Kitchen Broccoli or Seasonal Grilled Veggies

Wednesday: Barbecue Chicken Pieces or Pulled Pork Mac N Cheese or Rebirtha Roasted Potatoes Garlic Roasted Green Beans or Steamed Veggie

Thursday: Dockside Chicken or Penne Marinara Steamed Veggies Garlic Bread

Friday: Chef’s Special

My boys tried the Campfire Bowl one day and they were GOBBLING it up. Never mind that it had onions and blue cheese. They not only tried something new, but they devoured it! The Dockside Chicken is deliciously seasoned and perfectly grilled. The Campfire Flank Steak-well, let's just say there were no leftovers this night. Chef Ryan’s Mac and Cheese is a fan favorite in our house. And Greta's Goddess Couscous? I could eat that as a meal! It's perfection.

Grabbing dinner from The Take Out even a couple of times a week makes evenings so much better! There's less stress and more time to actually enjoy dinner with my family. I see my kids get so excited and they even are rushing to help get dinner on the table instead of complaining about whatever I cooked.

Do yourself a favor-order dinner from The Take Out today. Be sure to tell them Arundel Kids sent you!

501 South Camp Meade Rd

Linthicum, MD 21090

Phone: 410-684-5014



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