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Local Kids' Masks: Prepare for Back to School

Back to school is on the horizon for Anne Arundel County children and Arundel Kids has put together a list of local businesses and mask accessories to help prepare your kids for in-person schooling!

This mother-daughter team quickly came up with this fabulous idea in the Spring when the pandemic bean and each day they put their "Boards of Masks" out for people to come and shop safely outside. They specialize in masks for children and adults in bright colors and patterns. Masks are available daily from noon to 5pm at 31 Mansion Road, Linthicum. Masks are $5 each or 5 for $20 or 12 for $40.

Pasadena sisters, Kaya and Addy love tie-dying items. Being home during the pandemic was the perfect time for their mom to help them launch a business. From planning, marketing, and reviewing financials, these girls are involved in every aspect of their business. Masks are made of cotton and feel soft and are perfect sizing for kids! Colors can be custom chosen by you! Prices are $3.00 each, 2 for $5.50 and 4 for $10.00. You can place your order in the link above!

Whimsidoodles' handmade masks are always crafted with two different fabrics, a soft t-shirt like inner layer and the outer layer which can be customized. Sizes for the littlest learners up to XL adult are always available! Masks are $6 each or 5 for $28. For children attending school where masks need to be labeled, decals are available to personalize for a small extra fee.

Our Favorite Accessories for Hybrid Learning:

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If your children are like mine, they have a hard time keeping track of their masks. When they remove their masks to eat lunch at school, I can totally see them misplacing their masks easily. That's why I purchased these soft mask lanyards for their school masks.

Washing our masks daily will be a new task. I really think masks are the new missing socks, they disappear easily in the laundry. These mesh laundry bags will help me keep track of the masks and ensure they get clean!

After wearing masks for a while, my kids complain about their ears. I found these awesome Ear Savers that make their masks more comfortable. These also help because my boys all wear glasses so having their glasses and the mask straps behind their ears can be bothersome.

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