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You're Invited - Try a FREE Swim Class

Can you envision sending your kindergartener to school in August with the expectation of fluent reading by October?

Is introducing potty training to a 2-year-old for only 30 minutes a week a practical way to expect them to become diaper-free within two months?

Mastering complex, multi-sensory skills in children requires time and a wide range of foundational skills. Building deep, foundational swim skills should be a process that extends beyond the timeframe of a single summer or single swim session.

Join Crossing Currents Aquatics and experience a FREE TRIAL class of our Red Cross Aligned Preschool Learn to Swim Program.

  • Explorer Explorers is the learn-to-swim class for our youngest swimmers. In this class, swimmers will explore the basic foundations of swimming. Swimmers will focus on becoming comfortable submerging their face in the water, floating on both stomach and back, and introducing the kick. Water safety is also a focus. Age ranges for all classes is approximate, if your swimmer is a little older than the suggested age range, we are happy to accommodate them. The only pre-requisite for this class is that your child must be able to separate from you, and enter the water with the instructor without tears. We strive to foster a positive and respectful environment to make this possible for our swimmers. Meets Thursdays or Fridays at the SEVERNA PARK Racquetball Club. REGISTER HERE

  • Adventurer Adventures is the learn-to-swim class for pre-school to early elementary-age students who are already comfortable and confident submerging their face in the water. The swimmer can already perform a short float on their front or back, and can maybe take a few strokes independently. This class will adventure through the basics of freestyle, backstroke and underwater swimming. Meets Thursdays or Fridays at 8:30am at the SEVERNA PARK Racquetball Club REGISTER HERE



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