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Why We're Here

Under a different name, we've worked hard for 7 years to serve our communities by way of hosting local events; providing parenting tips, lists, and local content; and connecting Anne Arundel families with small local business owners. We were successful with what we did. So, why are we here? Why did we move?

Good question. We're glad you asked. ;-)

We worked under a national brand for several years with our business practices being governed by someone else. Who can we work with? Who can we promote? Who can we email? Where can we go with our business and how can we get there?

For a long time, that worked for us. We were (are!) moms of small kids and in many ways, having that brand and being connected with a larger network of parents doing the same thing as us was super beneficial and made our lives easier. But sometimes, things change.

We are grateful for the lessons and experiences we got under that name. However, we know that we can grow bigger and better, and serve our community and local businesses with more attention, love, and support on our own rather than from under someone else's wing.

So here we are, striving to be your #1 resource for family fun in Anne Arundel County. Help us out. Share our Facebook posts, follow our social pages, and visit our website often. We appreciate you being here with us.



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