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We All Need a Little Self Care ~ A Note From Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

EEEEK! Summer feels like it's almost over! I know, there's over a month left, but I'll be away for two of those four weeks and suddenly I feel like it's crunch time. I'm juggling work in the early hours of the morning or even on the weekends so that I have more time to make memories with my kids.

I'm patting myself on the back this morning because twice this week I managed to get out and ride my bike. Biking is my therapy. On Tuesday, I could literally feel the stress melt away with each push of the pedal. By the end of my 10 miles, the stress that was cluttering my brain had melted away.

This morning's ride was a little different. I couldn't get the shed open this morning and had to wake my husband up for help. I couldn't find my earbuds. I felt rushed to get back and finish my work before a call and a playdate for the kids. Nothing felt right and I never settled into the ride. I pedaled frantically - and maybe I burned some extra calories, but even the gorgeous sunrise that greeted me this morning couldn't shake the rattled feeling.

Know what this tells me? I need MORE of this. I need this to be part of my routine. I need to schedule in self-care - because it is a priority. It makes me a better mom. A better wife. It makes me better at my job. It makes me inspired and creative. It makes me a better me.

A friend sent me the image from Natalie Hemby this week - and man, we all need to hear more of this.

So my challenge to you this week is for you to find something to do for yourself. Find some time for self-care. Find one way to make yourself a priority in your schedule. YOU ARE WORTH IT. If you need help or ideas - check out the Anne Arundel County Self Care Guide HERE.





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