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Wasted Time - A Note From Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

My schedule was full this week. We had soccer games, Sunday School, soccer practice, work, school, homework, PTA assignments, house projects, and contractors on the schedule.

Sunday morning, Avery woke up with a barking cough and fever. Brennan woke up Monday with a barking cough and fever and suddenly all our plans came to a halt. Sunday was nice. We made soup, watched movies, snuggled, and enjoyed the downtime. Monday we were off to the doctors to find out we had an unknown virus but at least it wasn't COVID or Strep. Tuesday Avery was able to return to school but Brennan was stuck with me until Thursday morning. My schedule went out the window-my to-do list didn't get tackled and I was feeling frazzled.

I'm behind on all my self-care appointments. But yesterday I was so proud to start chipping away at the self-care list and head off to the eye doctor. I tackled some things that had been at the top of my to-do list. They took longer than I had hoped and I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted.

Then this morning we got the call that school was canceled and the boys would be home again...I found myself feeling frustrated and stressed again. Trying to go between writing articles this morning and carving pumpkins and visiting with my mom. Managing the contractor, the kids, and keeping everyone quiet while my husband is on a zoom call.

It's been a rough morning! But you know what? We get a THREE DAY WEEKEND for Halloween!!! Say what? It's time to have fun! We're going to bake our pumpkin seeds and watch some Halloween movies. Have a picnic in my bed and cuddle up together. We're going to bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and I'm going to stop wasting this precious time with my boys and go make memories with them instead. I hope you go and make memories with your family this weekend too!





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