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Two Dads Saving Dinnertime in Anne Arundel County

By Katy Agro Myers

This is the story of Joe and Ryan. Joe and Ryan both grew up on the same road in Millersville. Ryan is 5 years younger than Joe but they still knew each other pretty well and both belonged to Indian Landing pool.

Ryan’s wife Angie is from Linthicum and Joe and his wife, Nicole, moved to Linthicum in 2007. When Joe started his catering business, J. Burke Catering, Ryan was actually the first person to work with Joe. So now, years later, Joe and Ryan live a stone’s throw from each other and see each other now at Andover pool and passing through town.

When COVID struck, their catering business more or less evaporated for a year. Joe took that time to re-charge but when he was ready to see what he could do with the business, he found the perfect space in Linthicum. Joe immediately reached out to Ryan to see if they could partner up and create a concept that could bring healthier food, take out homestyle meals to their town and to Anne Arundel County. The rest is history.

The Takeout in Linthicum offers amazing family-style dinners that will allow your family to enjoy healthy dinners without the stress. From steak to chicken, meatloaf to salmon there's something for even the pickiest diners (and believe me, in my house they are ALL picky!).

We picked up our dinner tonight-and my boys couldn't resist the scrumptious smells coming from the bags. Lucas had grabbed a fork and was digging in on the five minute drive to soccer practice. As he was getting out of the car, Lucas grabbed a piece of Dockside Grilled Chicken and could hear his, "yummmmmmm" all the way onto the field. It's just that good.

Check out their menu here and place your dinner order today! Be sure to tell them Arundel Kids sent you!



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