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Tip to Prep Your Kids for Summer

By Dr. Bryant Harris, DC, CACCP, TruCentered Chiropractic Care

Doesn’t summer feel like it is still really far ahead of us? Especially, here in the Annapolis area, it's raining and it's chilly (minus that whole heatwave we just had). But, the truth of the matter is, is that summer is right around the corner!

If you have kids that are in school, they may be already feeling the anticipation that school's going to be ending soon. They might be starting to show some excitement surrounding summer break, but it may also be creating some anxiety. Depending on the age of your kid, depending on where they're at and their understanding of the “end of school” they may be having different fears. Different behaviors may begin to emerge or increase in frequency.

You might be thinking to yourself…WHY?

They may be starting to get nervous because they cannot visualize, predict, or understand what does the “end of school” mean and what does summer bring? So, here's a big tip that you can start implementing now as we get closer to the end of school, to help lower that anxiety, give them predictability and just start meeting them where they're at so that they can be more comfortable in this big transition.


A visual schedule is literally what it sounds like… Put their schedule into pictures for them.

Now, depending on the age of the kid, this is going to look different. You can start off by doing a weekly schedule, then you can begin to expand to show the months. Just like if Christmas was around the corner, you may want to have a countdown, give them a calendar that shows the different days, crossing them off as you go in anticipation that, “Hey, we have four more weeks. Oh, now look, we have two more weeks. Hey, this is the last week.”

What this will do is it will help them start to understand what's coming next. I'm going to sneak in another tip here, too. You might want to start talking about what's going to happen in the summertime. Again, you don't give them too much information and make them feel overwhelmed. Like, wow, we're going to do all these different activities - we're going to have swim lessons, tennis practice, and going to camp.

You should start letting them know that when school ends; it's going to be okay, we're going to do a different routine. But, you're going to be taken care of and you're going to do some fun things. Now, is the perfect opportunity to put all of that into pictures. Just sit, hang out, talk, and draw pictures. Maybe your kid draws them or you do, but that's going to help start to give them the visualization and decrease their anxiety.

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