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This Anne Arundel County Mom Will Change the Way You Think About the Pink Ribbon.

Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Barf. I don’t know why I have such a bad taste in my mouth for the Pink Ribbon, but I do. I know a lot of survivors and women living with breast cancer that see it as a symbol of hope and strength and are proud to wear that ribbon. And more power to you sister. But for me, I hate that damn thing.

Maybe it’s because I was in such a terrible mental state when I was first diagnosed in October 2013 and afraid for my life and and how this would impact my husband and two little kids. I couldn’t go through one freaking day without seeing that pink ribbon. On the eggs I was making for breakfast, on the football games on TV, all over food at the grocery store, in the mall, on commercials, online, driving down the road…you name it, and a pink ribbon was slapped on it. Here’s the thing though….a lot of times it meant nothing and was just a way to make a sale. That took me a long time, and a diagnosis of Stage 4 to understand.

Every time you buy that *whatever* with the pink ribbon, the money doesn’t always go to research or education (please note, I didn’t say awareness). When you donate to that “Breast Cancer Fund”, the money doesn’t always go to research or education. When you participate in that walk, all of your hard earned money doesn’t go to research or education. And yes, before you come at me to tell me there is more to it than research and education, I know that. And it’s ALL important. But can’t we agree that we have way too much AWARENESS and not nearly enough of those two other things?! Believe me, I have done the research behind that statement too so I can happily provide the data behind where the money goes if you think the money is going to where it needs to go.

AWARENESS isn’t going to save my life and make sure I see my kids graduate high school. RESEARCH will. AWARENESS isn’t going to help save the life of someone that is headed for a breast cancer diagnosis and doesn’t know it yet. But EDUCATING her on how to do a self breast exam might. There is a big difference between those two things.

The pink ribbon may mean something different to you, and by all means, girl you do you. But this is what it means to me. If you want awareness, ask a survivor or someone living with breast cancer to show you pictures of their battle. Becomes aware of what it really means to battle this horrible disease. If you want to donate your money, please just do your own research as to where that money will go. Where ALL of that money will go. Make sure it goes to where YOU want it to go. Look for organizations like Metavivor, where 100% of the proceeds go to research and grants.

There is no cure for Breast Cancer. Have we made giant strides, absolutely! But have we found a cure? Nope.

Enough awareness. Enough Pink ribbon.

We need a cure. I need a cure. Not a pink ribbon.

Thank you, Laura, for letting us share your message! We are honored to share it with our followers.



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