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The Summer of Memories ~ A Note From Katy

By: Katy Agro Myers

We are back from vacation and suddenly I feel panicky that summer is almost over! This is a true departure from last year's feeling of "I can't wait for the kids to go back to school!"

Looking at my calendar for July and August, it's filled with trips and camps. Work and events. But I've been trying really hard to focus on slowing down with my family and making memories. Lucas is 12, and although some days he's in a teenager-type mood, most days, he still wants to enjoy the family things with us. It's an awkward time - trying to be a big kid while still having some little kid feels. Definitely FOMO of anything his brothers are doing.

Avery and Brennan are here for ALLLLLL the making of memories. I'm pretty sure their bucket list is twice the size of our family list. They had a spontaneous play date Monday and man, they talked about it the rest of the day. They are surely living their best life. It's such a fun age for them and I want to make so many memories with them.

It might be blanket forts. Some days it'll just be snowballs and ice cream. We have day trips planned. Night swimming is always a blast -although I'm not sure my neighbors think so when they hear the squeals of delight. This weekend we discovered that we have zero plans. I can't remember the last time this happened! We thought about taking a day trip, but instead, we're just going to get up early and go crabbing together. It might not last long. We may not catch a single crab. But I'm looking forward to soaking in the time with my guys and just being together.

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