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The Summer of Fun ~ A Note from Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

We're counting down the days until school is out! I'm ready for slower days. Lazy mornings. Sitting by the pool and just being together. Sometimes that's just with us and some days it's with friends or neighbors.

I'm ready for days full of adventure. Adventures will include heading to the library for books and spending some time reading. Some days they might include crabbing and steaming up our dinner. 🦀Meeting friends at the park. Family vacations.

I'm most excited about a super special adventure. Lucas and I are headed off to Palm Beach in August for a Mom-Son Trip. He's 12 and I know pretty soon he won't want much to do with good ole mom - so I'm going to try to capture these moments with a trip to make memories. We'll go deep-sea fishing, explore Palm Beach on a bike, even visit a discovery center and maybe feed some sharks. I have instructed him to bring dress clothes for a fancy dinner out - but have also promised that we can order room service one night. The more we talk about this trip, the more excited he gets!

I hope you enjoy our super-awesome Summer Fun Guide! We've got some special things in store for you. Arundel Kids wants to help you have a summer full of adventure too!





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