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The Perfect Wine Pairing for Bookclubs and Firepits

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A few years ago, we started a book club with a few friends and family members. By book club, I mean wine club. We try to get together monthly and just have girl time. We're all moms, some are grandmas too. We have babies, we have school-aged kids, we have college kids and adult kids. We have jobs and activities, PTA positions, and more. It's so hard sometimes to find dates to get together, but when we do, man, is it a good night.

We laugh until we have tears running down our faces, we share yummy food, and we enjoy some drinks together. It's a night to show up in our jammies or our sweats, to vent about whatever is going on at home, to laugh at inappropriate jokes, and just be ourselves.

Our recent gathering was #sponsored by local business, NautiLife Wine. NautiLife's business concept was created and started right here in Anne Arundel County by two moms and the wine was developed in California. This delicious and refreshing Rosé hits all the right notes. With a hint of effervescence, it has the crisp flavor of grapefruit, melon, and berries. Off-dry on the side of dry, it dances in your mouth and finishes beautifully. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a meal or equally delicious when paired with a beautiful day.

What makes NautiLife different? This full-sized bottle of wine is made entirely of 100% recyclable PET plastic. It goes anywhere that glass can’t, and because accidents happen to the best of us, it won’t break if dropped. Perfect for parents! It can even be popped directly in the freezer to make Frose!

We blended NautiLife with cranberry juice, vanilla vodka, and ginger beer, and some fruit for a delicious cold-weather sangria! It was the perfect fireside drink to enjoy in this chilly weather!

Wanna give it a try? You can order online today and use promo code AKMOMS10 and receive 10% Off Your Order! (Offer can be combined with a volume discount!) It's the perfect addition to girl's night, holiday meals, and celebrations!



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