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The Never Ending Month of January ~ A Note from Katy

I was so excited for January. A fresh start. Hopeful for change. Ready to tackle my goals for the year. Here it is, January 21st and I feel like my hope is waning. This month has been full:

  • How many snow days have we had? Kids at home mean I need to entertain them, and my todo list doesn't get done. Feeling like I can't accomplish anything on snow days, well I just give up.

  • There's been figuring out what work my middle schooler is missing from being quarantined in December. Oh, and teachers who are out sick, so I can't even figure out if it's missing or not.

  • We had a 24 hour stomach bug this week and unexpected sick day with an extra kid.

  • We had that "snow day" yesterday.

I'm feeling like I'm behind every single day before the day even starts. It's like this:

I'm trying to reframe my train of thought and be a Positive Pete instead of a Negative Nelly, but man, some days it's just hard. I feel like I'm just banging my head against the wall daily.

BUT. The sun is shining today! It's Friday! (YAY!) We have exciting things on the horizon over here.

So, if you're feeling like me, and January is taking FOREVER to get through, hang in there! Warmer days are coming. Brighter days are coming. Until then, you've got this.





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