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The Importance of Framily

By Katy Agro Myers

Hey guys! Katy here. I hope that you are settling into the school year routine and keeping your sanity. Each day over here feels like constant rushing to make all of the scheduled activities and work, but we're getting into the groove.

The day before the first day of school, my parents hosted a reunion of my moms closest girlfriends and all of their families. Three generations of "Framily". As I was sitting with some of my generation eating crabs, I was reflecting on their decades "young" friendship (if I call them old, they'll all come after me). They have been friends since before I was born. And they have been through life together.

They've celebrated love and marriages. Birth of children and grandchildren. Divorces, illnesses, and deaths, even the tragic loss of children. Personally, my other mothers have been by my own side celebrating my triumphs and loving me through the challenges too. There has been laughter and there have been tears. There have prayers and wishes. They have created a framily like no other.

These moms can plan a trip for almost 100 people with spreadsheets galore. When I tell you that when we would vacation together each summer in Ocean City, there would be a reservation made for "Agro, party of 75", it's not an exaggeration. When we'd go to Disney World all together when I was younger, it was the MOST fun. And now the destination weddings where 75 of us get on a plane together? There is nothing more fun in the world.

I can't count how many times my kids have asked me "How are we related to Aunt so-and-so?" My response is always the same: "You don't have to have a blood relation to be family." We are close with our family too - don't get me wrong. They are just as important. But knowing that I have this other framily. There's just nothing like it.

I'm so grateful to my mom and her girlfriends for teaching me the importance of framily. For showing me how to laugh and cry with them. And for all of those other moms who love me too.





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