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Take a Lil' Time Off ~ A Note from Katy

By: Katy Agro Myers

I woke up Monday morning feeling clear-headed and focused for the first time in MONTHS. I banged out some work and then continued on my to-do list. I was back to being a multi-tasking queen! Laundry was going, dinner was prepping, and I was checking off items for clients. AND I got my hair done! I was focused and driven - and being that way allowed me to do something I also hadn't done in months: getting back to being creative and allowing myself to brainstorm new possibilities.

I got a call from a friend - and business associate on Tuesday morning. She asked if we were still meeting for breakfast per our scheduled date. Guess what? The multi-tasking queen forgot! 🤦‍♀️ We punted it to Wednesday and I just kept on ticking off the tasks.

Wednesday came and I remembered to meet my friend for breakfast. I was grateful she didn't think twice about my mishap and was just happy to see me. We talked about motherhood. We talked about our marriages. We talked about our kids. And we talked about our businesses. One of my favorite things about this friend is that she pushes me to do more. Pushes me to the next level. I left feeling inspired again to be creative and brainstorm.

You might be wondering, "what's your point, Katy, you're rambling!" Well, the point is that the reason I've been working so hard this week is that now I'm going to take a break! The kiddos will be off next week. My husband will be off next week, and I'm going to put my out-of-office on and take off too! I may open my computer for a day or two - but I've promised myself that if I do, it will only be to brainstorm and research new ideas. To do things that inspire me. But mostly, I want to cuddle with my kids. Laugh with my husband. Play games, and just reconnect.

I hope you take some time off next week too and reconnect. Reconnect with yourself. Reconnect with your family. Reconnect with your friends.

Happy Easter!





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