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Sweet Fundraising Idea from Lisa's Cakepops

By Katy Agro Myers

Is your school or community organization looking for a NEW and exciting fundraiser idea? Tired of the same old wrapping paper and pizza fundraisers? We've got the BEST idea for you!

Lisa's Cakepops is offering locals schools and community organizations a sweet deal on fundraising! Set up a fundraiser and Lisa will donate 10% of purchases back to your organization (with a minimum donation of $25). This is a great time to offer.a fundraiser - check out their DIY Fall and Halloween Decorating Kits!

Even if you don't need a fundraiser, Lisa's DIY Cakepop Kits are so fun - and oh, so yummy! My boys get so excited when they see the kits come in the door and we are planning to spend some time this weekend making and enjoying the cakepops. Each cake pop decorating kit comes with 6 single dipped chocolate cake pops, melting wafers for a generous second dip, and an assortment of themed sprinkles and candies. Choose below to add on additional candy sprinkles for a fun and unique decorating experience!The Halloween Kits have 16 sprinkles/candies to choose from!

About Lisa's Cakepops

At Lisa’s Cakepops our sole goal is to ensure that we put a smile on the face of everyone who eats our cake pops! Uniquely designed and painstakingly decorated by hand, every scratch made Lisa’s Cakepops is tailored to bring to life your cake pop visions. Perfectly portioned and double dipped in decadent premium chocolate, Lisa’s Cakepops will make your occasions more special – if you can dream it we can theme it! **Lisa's Cakepops is a 100% nut free facility.



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