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Summer Fun at Joy Kids Learning Center

Still looking for a Summer Camp for your Kids? Joy Kids Learning Center provides child care services to children ages 2 to 5 years old. Join in the affordable fun this summer!

Summer Camp at Joy Kids Learning begins June 21st and runs through the end of August.

Kids will enjoy themed weeks of fun including:

  • Let's Get Physical- Learning about our bodies and how to keep them healthy is our goal. We will play games, sports, and dance our way through the week!

  • Rainbow/Colors- Colors, colors, and more colors! Each day will be filled with fun as we review the colors we know, learn to make new colors, and see if we can see them in the classroom.

  • Art and Artist Week- We all know how to make our own kind of art, but who helped to create the art we see and love in museums? Our journey this week is to figure that out and try some of their techniques!

  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles- Zoom Zoom, We are off to the races with our theme this week. Let's see how fast we can learn about these types of transportation!

  • All Around the World- The world is so diverse and different around us. We will make a point to learn about and enjoy some other cultures and traditions from places near and far away.

  • Outer Space- Houston, we have NO problem getting excited about this theme! Outer space can be so mysterious, so let's open our minds to the discoveries that have been made and maybe even make our own

  • Camping- Let's Gather around the (pretend) campfire to have fun! This week will be full out outdoor adventures and crafts galore!

  • Pirates- Ahoy there Matey! This week, hopefully, no one will have to walk to plank! Let's talk like, walk like, and learn about pirates and their want for treasure.

  • S.T.E.M- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math don't just have a place during the school year. Let's take these topics and run with them to have fun while we learn!

  • Disney- When you wish upon a star, you get a wonderful week like this! Listening to and enjoying the stories we know and love while incorporating ourselves into the story will make Joy Kids the Happiest place on Earth!

  • Teacher's Choice- It's the last week of summer and our teachers want to use their creativity to come up with a theme of their own for their students. It's going to be awesome whatever it is!

To register, visit our webpage at to learn more information.



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