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Start Again ~ A Note from Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

The last two notes from me have talked about rising again and taking some time off - those were my resets. We took a few days over spring break to head to Florida and enjoy the gulf coast. We needed to get out of the house. We needed a new environment. We didn't make a lot of plans for excursions. We didn't want to do 500 things, we wanted to just be together. And it was amazing. We did things. We had adventures. I also sat on a float in the ocean for hours and watched all four of my boys toss a ball together. We collected shells and enjoyed amazing food and drinks. We basked in the warmth, we lazed in the glory of the sunsets, and we laughed and smiled, and snuggled.

This week has been about realigning - setting new goals, and putting in the framework. I'm so excited! I've been sitting on my hands trying not to launch things too soon and taking my time to ensure things are just right. I had a chance to connect with some friends this week by taking walks, catching up (even just via text), and to just bounce ideas off them.

Stay tuned, guys - the restart is coming. I've been saying all along, that I was forgetting about Q1 and ready for Q2 to be amazing - and I'm here for it. Soaking in the moments and ready to go! Are you with me? Now get out there and enjoy this gorgeous day!





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