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Spring Window Cleaning Done Right!

We moved to a new-to-us home recently and one of the things that I fell in love with immediately was the amount of natural light in the home. It has a ton of windows and the windows in the top of the vaulted ceilings throughout the house are impossible for me to reach! I counted today-we have 55(!) windows in our new home.

As we tackled renovation projects, unpacking, and organizing our new home (along with distance learning, launching Arundel Kids, and my other jobs), I looked at those windows and thought, "not happening today, it's just not."

My sister told me about this great company she used when she moved into her house: Fish Window Cleaning. She expressed they were fast, reasonably priced, and totally affordable. Know what? She was RIGHT! Jim and his team were out the next day to give me a proposal and although it took me weeks to get through our renovations and schedule them, they were here just a few days after my call.

They came in yesterday and tackled my dirty windows with ease. The removed each screen, scrubbed inside the cracks, and washed both the interior and exterior of every window. Yup, even those ones at the tippy top of my house that I could never reach.

Our school room is in the back of the house and I love all of the bright natural light in it from windows and skylights. Sure beats our old school room in the basement at our old home. I didn't even realize how gross the windows were in here until I saw the view of the sky above me yesterday being crystal clear!

Not only was Fish Window Cleaning fast and thorough, I found their pricing to be extremely reasonable, especially for the amount of windows that I have and the height of them. 100% the best money you'll spend this spring!

Call Fish Window Cleaning today! (410) 987-3474

***Mention Arundel Kids and receive a FREE estimate!

I have received services in exchange for my review, but all of my opinions are my own.



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