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Speech Development Through Play

By Katy Agro Myers

Legos, and train tracks and (teddy) bears, oh my! Come join Anne Marie the SLP with Play & Thrive Speech Therapy as she explores the many different play-based ways you can help support your child's language development with toys you have around your house. She will demonstrate how to target a wide range of goals with each of the toys, from joint-attention with infants, to using basic concepts at the single word level with toddlers, up to expanding on your preschooler's sentences.

Join Arundel Kids and Anne Marie Flood of Play & Thrive Speech Therapy as we explore targeting language goals during play. Anne Marie will provide real examples of how you can encourage language development through play time. There will also be time to answer questions! Join our virtual meetup Wednesday, September 21st at 10am to learn more about developmental milestones and how you can help your child.

Anne Marie Flood M.A. CCC-SLP After starting my career as a Spanish teacher, working in both the public and private school setting, I went back to graduate school for Speech Language Pathology after the birth of my oldest child. I worked in the school system in Texas and Maryland before the pandemic sent everything virtual. ​

The virtual world turned my life on its head and I couldn't be more thankful. We started homeschooling my unruly trio in the fall of 2020 and turned to teletherapy as a permanent option later that year. I love working with students across time zones, making connections even when we can't high five quite the same as before. Homeschooling has made me a more thoughtful and conscious parent, and has informed how I support families in their efforts to help their children thrive.



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