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Soon-2-Be-Moms! Exercises & Stretches for Pregnancy

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Your core muscles play such a vital role in pregnancy and should be a key focus prior to and during pregnancy. There are many ways we can work on core strength during pregnancy. Our core functions in a way that not only helps produce movement but also resist it. For example, when doing the suitcase carry, the weight would pull your body into a side bend if the core muscles weren't firing to keep you upright. As always, don't forget to breathe during these exercises!

Add in these exercises to challenge the various muscles within our core by requiring them to resist certain movements:

  • Suitcase carry

  • Bear Crawl

  • Bird Dog

Stretching can be used both after exercise during pregnancy, and as labor & delivery prep! While there are many stretches that are appropriate during this time, 3 stretches we commonly give are:

  • Childs pose

  • Standing side stretch

  • Standing hip flexor stretch

Breathing during these stretches are key as it helps us relax our pelvic floor muscles which is an absolute must during delivery.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy at Rehab 2 Perform

Our expert team will help you navigate the challenges of a changing body and the choices surrounding physical activity and fitness during the pregnancy and postpartum period.

With a progressive and comprehensive approach, our team will assist you in making informed decisions that take into consideration your individual needs and situation as you continue, and return to, physical activity and fitness.

Learn more about these services and what R2P has to offer at



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