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SHEWEE! The End of School Is HERE!

A Note from Katy Agro Myers

We're in the final countdown of the school year. The kids are excited, they are done working, it's time for all the fun things. But fun things also mean volunteers, and I can't seem to sit on my hands when it comes to signing up. Last week was Field Day, this week the Volunteer Brunch, today the Field Trip to the Zoo. Add in laundry, groceries, work. Also add in celebrations for family and friends. Proms, Graduations, Confirmations, Eagle Scout Ceremonies, Fall Sports Evaluations, Swim Team. It's. Never. Ending.

But what I'm also seeing is how fast it goes. It seems like yesterday when I was staying with my sister and brother-in-law and their new baby. Now, that baby is 6'5" and finished his last day of high school today. Seeing his graduation pictures, being at his prom pictures - I can feel the tears stinging my eyes immediately. It's shocking to me that Lucas will now have just one year left in middle school and then it's high school. We're literally just FIVE years from going through the same experience with our oldest, and my mama heart just can't take it.

Yesterday, Lucas and I were talking about senior traditions and he said, "I sure hope you don't think you're coming to any of these things with me, that will be embarrassing!" I turned and said, "Who do you think is going to get you to that point?" Without hesitation, he replied, "You, Mom." And I knew right then and there, that he knows I've got his back.

So I'll keep raising my hand to volunteer for as many things as I possibly can because I know that it won't be long before they won't want me around. I'll take the hand holding as we traipse all around the zoo - and I'll even buy the stuffed animal even though we already have 1,000. And now, I'm going to stop working and go get a few extra snuggles. It goes so fast. Enjoy every minute.





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