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Save Sanity with Auckland Services, LLC

By Katy Agro Myers

When Avery and Brennan were born, life with three kids because very hectic very quickly. As they've gotten older, although they've gotten easier, we've gotten busier! My husband and I learned quickly that we couldn't do it alone. We needed to outsource as much as we could. Rob LOVES to clean and he never thought anyone would do it as well as he could.

Then came Auckland Services, LLC. The thing that immediately appealed to me about Auckland is that they are parents! They understand what life is like with little kids-and you know what their goal is?? TO HELP MOMS. You need them in your life!

That's right! They help with all the things we never have time to get to anymore.

👉Need to swap out the clothes because it's 90 degrees and your kids are still wearing winter clothes? They've got you!

👉Been meaning to get to organizing the pantry but it just keeps getting pushed down the to-do list? They've got you!

👉Has it been a while since you've gone through the expired condiments in the fridge? They've got you!

Even now, we've been under construction for the last year and as we finish different areas of our home, Teresa and her team are my go-to people to ask "how should I organize this". They know the best products to use when my kid dumps the wrong chemical in my new porcelain sink and turns it black. (True story). They are my saviors.

Even Rob will say, "WHEN IS TERESA COMING?" It's always a good day when they come. The boys love that they find just the place for every single stuffy that they own-they check as soon as they get home from school. I have one rule on cleaning day. I do not cook dinner on cleaning day. That means the kitchen can stay absolutely spotless for 24 more hours and I can enjoy the sparkle of my spotless home.

Check out some of the ways they've kept me sane over the years!

Before and after of my boys' dresser!

***Auckland Services, LLC has limited openings available - Email today and set up your FREE consultation!***



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