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Running Builds Strength of Character with LYTE Run Club

Leading YOU Through Empowerment (LYTE) is a fitness and enrichment program that encourages running basics through interactive games and empowerment affirmations for self-confidence. LYTE believes challenges shape children into strong leaders.

LYTE Run Club is a program for children of all fitness levels. They transform traditional running games and drills into powerful life lessons. When your children are with LYTE, they are getting a great workout AND building strength of character.

LYTE transforms traditional running games into FUN and challenging games/drills, teaching kids real-life lessons while building upon their character and self-esteem. They help our kids develop a growth mindset by focusing on 8 Core Principals: Power Words - Positive Thoughts - Aggressive Goals - Personal Resilience - Teamwork - Individual Integrity - Community - Vision - New Beginnings

Every child is able to compete and reach the goals they once thought were beyond them. They have worked with hundreds of children of all fitness levels, and have learned fun and active tools to harness self-confidence. The eight core empowerment principles we selected together create a unique and powerful curriculum. One which combines physical health with strength of character.

LYTE is a place where kids can be themselves, laugh, exercise, and gain powerful teachings that deem beneficial for their growth.

LYTE conveniently offers two options: mobile sessions-where they come to you in your community (minimum 5 kids) or their scheduled sessions! Half-day summer camps coming soon! Summer sessions include empowerment, water games, and so much more ***Use code AKIDS10 for $10 off before June 1st.

Our program has been adapted from a curriculum developed by DashStrom Run Club to encourage a growth mindset in every child.



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