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Project Bloom: Helping Teen Girls in Anne Arundel County

By Katy Agro Myers

Did you know that there are young women IN our community that go without feminine hygiene products? Did you know that the health room staffs at Anne Arundel County Public Schools do not receive a budget for feminine care products?

In an effort to assist the young ladies of Anne Arundel County, the Caring Cupboard, LLC in Pasadena, has placed Project Bloom baskets containing feminine hygiene products in our participating schools to help in those times of need. Caring Cupboard is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with schools and the community to supply non- perishable food items, school supplies and personal hygiene items for students and families that are in need. Volunteer Coordinator, Dawn Zebron shared, "in Anne Arundel County alone, 40% of all children are living under the poverty line. We operate solely on contributions and donations from folks such as yourself. Without you, we would be unable to make the difference in our student’s lives and help prepare them to be the best learner possible."

During conversations with young lady students and volunteers about the Project Bloom bags, Dawn says, "some share their own personal stories and even more share stories of "a friend they know" or someone they heard about. Dawn shared this information:

*These struggles our young ladies are having in school and at their HOMES of not having feminine hygiene products for their cycles is REAL.

* Families having to choose whether to buy food or female products -- is REAL.

*Students living in foster care, or with an uncle, a friend, or a great grandparent, and afraid to ask for feminine pads-- is REAL.

*Feminine products in schools are not required or available--is REAL.


Want to help? It's easy! Check out their Amazon Wish List HERE and ship items directly to Project Bloom. Don't want to order from Amazon? You can drop items in the bins outside Caring Cupboard, LLC, located at 8513 Ft. Smallwood Road, Pasadena. In addition to the feminine products, Project Bloom collects small cosmetic bags- perfect matches are bags from subscription services like Ipsy, etc. These also can be dropped in the bins outside Caring Cupboard.

If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, you can do so using the info below:

Zelle: 410-227-2268 Venmo: @Caring-Cupboard Paypal: @caringcupboard


Project Bloom currently serves nine area schools, but Dawn's goal is to reach EVERY school in our county. Interested in helping? Email Schools interested in having in-school food/hygiene pantry can send an email request to

Let's help the young women of Anne Arundel County!



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