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Outdoor Games to Make Summer Fun!

Last year, when we had to stay home and find fun in our backyard, I fell in love with yard games! We would get together with our neighbors and quarantine pod and just play games for hours. My family is competitive and we had lots of laughs! The kids would play their games and we had some cool new games to play with other adults too. Check our our favorites below. Some of these are already in my Amazon shopping cart for Father's Day Gifts too! Click the images to grab yours and have endless fun this Summer.

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Baggo is a fan favorite in my house-everyone loves to play from the little guys to the grandparents!

Kan Jam was introduced to us by our neighbors last year and we quickly became addicted. The object is to throw the frisbee and get it into the can-and your partner can help knock it in for additional points. (I'll be honest, I'm HORRIBLE at this game, but we laughed so hard playing it). We can't wait to play this in our own yard this year!

Frisbee Golf or Disc Golf is another fun game! Throw the disc at the golf target to score!

Bocce Ball is a game that carries such nostalgia for me! I can remember being little and my dad and grandfather taking me to Little Italy to watch the old men playing Bocce. I can remember the clunk of the balls-and it takes me right back when I play this with my own kids.

Slam Ball is a super-cool, fast-paced game. We first encountered this on the beach with friends and it kept my boys and my husband entertained for hours!

Bottle Bash is another one that's super awesome in your backyard or at the beach! I've played this at my cousin's house while standing in the creek. Loads of fun and loads of laughs.

We're so happy that life is slowing down a bit and we can once again enjoy our backyard this summer with games and fun!


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