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Note from Your Publishers ~ Exciting News About Your Laundry

I bet you guys are going to relate so hard to this. For the past year, here is how days have gone.

Get up. Make coffee. Make breakfast. Clean up breakfast. Kids are asking for snacks. Get snacks. Clean up snacks. It's lunchtime! Clean up lunch. "Mama, can I get a snack?" Think about what we're eating for dinner if I haven't already. Get everything out for dinner. Make dinner. Clean up dinner. Bed. I mean, there are plenty of other things rolled into that day, too. Like, add in a handful of loads of laundry. 4 steps each. Wash, dry, fold, put away. That's not even mentioning my work, helping with my kids' education, attempts at maintaining a non-disastrous home, making memories with my family, and fitting in snuggles. So here is my news. It's exciting, of course, but also a little bit of a downer. The laundry, the cooking, and the dishes will never be done. Ever. I think it's pretty clear how this is a bit of a depressing thing to address and consider. But here's how it's exciting. It's exciting because I give you permission to free that burden from your shoulders. Because if it's never going to be done, then getting it done no longer needs to be your objective. I think tasks like this deserve their own little jar. Like, here is my imaginary laundry jar. And my cooking jar. And my dishes jar. These jars represent the things that are spilling out of the seams of my life. I will think about them when I NEED to, but they will not overflow and spill into the rest of our day. Heck, I might even make MORE jars.

  • Give me one for social media; those platforms can be a time suck and mood depressor!

  • I'll take another for this whole homeschooling thing. I can encourage and help and oversee within my jar's timeframe, but the rest of the time, my kids need me to just be Mom.

  • Hi, yes. I would like a jar for the task of cleaning up, please. Because that job is like brushing my teeth while eating Oreos.

I challenge you today or within the next few days to set up your own imaginary jars. What things are spilling over and consuming other areas of your life. Is it email? The news? Something different? Jar those suckers up and only uncap them when it's time. Give it a shot. And remember, you can always keep the lid off the Family Fun jar, because we take care of that for you. Plus, that stuff should spill all over your life. ❤️ Stay calm, stay healthy, stay sane, and wash your hands! xoxo, Nicole


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