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Note from Nicole ~ Sometimes We're Not OK

By Nicole Donnelly

"The reason life works at all is that not everyone in your tribe is nuts on the same day."
- Anne Lamott

I recently shared that quote with the friends who take turn being nuts with me. In the relatively few years of friendship that we've shared, we've each gone through some things that stretched us to the brink of snapping. Between us, we've had difficult situations with estranged parents, medical problems, marital problems, broken relationships, personal failures, professional failures, and parenting failures. Fortunately, life has so far allowed us to take turns being the 'messed up' one. And when one is struggling, the others gladly bear their weight for awhile until they get back on their feet again.

It might look like physical acts of service - bringing a meal, babysitting her kids, giving a ride. It might be sharing admin stuff that's just too much to handle for an anxious or grieving heart. It could be offering advice, and then not being judgmental if it isn't taken. Most likely it involves checking in frequently, just to say you're thinking of that person. We're all going to struggle with something. And I know when it's been my turn, I couldn't have gotten through it without my friends' support. I hope you and your tribe take turns being "nuts," too.

If you're in crisis and need someone to talk to, or you need urgent help and you don't know where to turn, start here.




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