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Note from Nicole ~ Mini-Tornadoes

By Nicole Donnelly

It's always a weird sensation when one or more of your feelings happen at once. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Like, when you return from a weekend away, having spent days connecting with friends you haven't seen in awhile. You're thrilled, happy, refreshed. At the same time, you're excited to get back home to the kids that you love so fiercely. You missed them, you love them, you're aching to hold them. And you can feel the longing to hug your spouse and relief that you'll soon get with that welcome home kiss.

Maybe on that flight home, you're sitting next to someone who is feeling a range of emotions herself. Bitterness, anger, fear. Maybe, once you land, you're walking back into a real-life that includes supporting friends who are experiencing heartbreak or family who hurt so badly that you can feel their pain. Maybe your kids' friends are having a tough time and have requested help navigating through fear or sadness.

There is nothing wrong with feeling whatever it is you feel. Whether you are a happy person on their way home from a weekend away or the friend who is experiencing heartbreak, feelings are real and should be felt.

"Every feeling has a message. Maybe that message is simply to allow yourself to feel the emotion until it dissipates. Maybe the feeling is guiding you toward some action. If something persists—anger, fear, anxiety—simply ask it what it wants to tell you. Sit quietly and allow the answer to appear. When you feel peaceful, you have your answer, whether or not you like what that answer says."

I know this isn't my usual type of Note from Nicole, but with so many people in my life that have had emotions swirling around them like mini-tornadoes lately, I had a strange feeling that more than just a few of us might need this reminder.

You never know what story the person beside you has, what skeletons are buried, and what feelings are spinning. Feel your feelings, be kind, and love.




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