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Note from Nicole ~ I Go to Therapy

I go to therapy now. There. I said it.

Oftentimes, going to therapy has this negative connotation associated with it. Like something is wrong with you, or your friendships, or your marriage if you seek help from a therapist. I find, though, that it takes a really strong person to make the move and go.

Maybe you're not depressed. Maybe you have a job you love and kids who don't ever stress you out. Maybe you and your spouse are in constant love and always agree and never fight. Maybe you had a perfect childhood with parents who had the parenthood thing perfected and never made mistakes.

And then, more likely, maybe none or some of that is not the case for you at all. It doesn't matter what your life looks like. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of therapy, whether you want to set life goals or establish healthy relationships. If someone is proactive about their mental health, they can prevent their concerns from festering into a larger problem.

Stepping off my soapbox for a second to explain why this became the topic of this week's note. Because of being present. At my last appointment, I was discussing how most times, I have so much running through my mind that I never feel like I am completely present with my kids and family, even when I purposely set aside time to do just that. I mentioned that even when I'm relaxing and watching a movie with my kids, I feel like I need to be doing something else, too. Multi-tasking. Because watching a movie isn't DOING something.

My counselor talked the most common sense to me that I have heard in a while. She told me that while I am sitting watching a movie with my kids, I AM doing something. I am being a mom. I am being present. I am giving my kids a piece of me, a piece that they need. And if I can switch my thinking around to understand that, this little tiny "issue" of mine could vastly improve.

Sometimes, it takes a neutral party to tell you something that is so "duh" for you to finally get it. And do you know how freeing it was for me to sit and watch a movie with my kids that afternoon? Being present and living in the now is a very difficult thing for me. Small strides will make for big gains in this area this year and I am excited to see what more I can accomplish.





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