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Note from Nicole ~ Running Away

By Nicole Donnelly

Tuesday night my friends and I ran away from home. We had planned to go out to dinner, and had a reservation, but by about 4pm we were getting antsy. The texts started coming in:

My kids have been crazy today. Ugh!

I’m fried too. Can we go now?

Yessss. I like that idea!

Give me 5 minutes and I can leave!

If it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I can go anytime!

Pick you up on the way?

I’m leaving! If I get there before you guys I’ll just read.

Ooo, we’ll get there for happy hour this way.


We literally dropped everything and left, completely as is. And it was perfect. The food happened to be amazing, but it wouldn’t have mattered what we ate. The atmosphere was very nice, but we’d have been happy anywhere outside of our own homes. The conversation was on point, and as always, we laughed a LOT. Even with drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert we were only gone for a few hours, but they made all the difference in the world. So refreshing!

I got to thinking how grateful I am for these two girlfriends, and I reflected that there were times in my life when I didn’t really have a close group. I remember going out for a dinner or two all by myself - in the early days of motherhood, when I desperately needed a break but just didn't have a "group." It wasn’t the same, sure. But it was still a sanity saver, and a treat I savored. A couple of times I remember taking a picture of my meal or my surroundings, just so I could look back on it and remember how good that time away felt. Nobody understands how good a dinner out, a good book, and solitude can be quite like a mom of infants!

Whether you're rallying your friends or going solo, I encourage you (moms of ALL ages and stages) to get out once in awhile. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, unless you want it to be. However you do it, take a little time for yourself. It's worth it, I promise!




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