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Note from Nicole - It Might Take Awhile

By Nicole Donnelly

The past few months have had me seeing some high highs and low lows. Some days feel like I am totally spinning, and some feel like I am on a smooth freshly paved road on cruise control.

This week I've seen a mix of both, with the end of the week shoving so many things into my mind that I need to tackle... and sometimes, it just doesn't get done. You see, I was caught in this cycle in my brain and I just couldn't get out of it. I revisited a Note from Katy that our very own co-publisher wrote in October 2020. In it, she links to this video. It's a little religious, which isn't really my speed. Plus, it's 18 minutes long. EIGHTEEN MINUTES! Who has time for that?! But I made time.

And certain parts of this really felt like this guy was talking right to me. About everything that was going on in my head. It was like this dude knew what I needed to hear. Or maybe, a full year ago, Katy knew I might need to see it. Serendipity? Maybe. Fate? Maybe. But I heard the message loud and clear.

It might take a while.

If you're working on your marriage. If you're working on your health. If you're working on starting a family. If you're working on your education. If you're working on a project. If you're working on yourself. If you're trying to be a better parent. If you're working on forgiveness or acceptance.

It doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't happen in a minute. It just might take a while. It's a process. And the process is part of the journey.

As Katy said, "while you're on that journey, don't let those negative thoughts get in your head." Ok fine, you might have some negative thoughts or something that might ruin your morning. Feel it. Then put it away and change your energy. Seems simple but for me, and maybe for some of you who might need this video this week, it was mind-clearing.

So whatever you're going through... relax. Because it might take a while.




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