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Note from Nicole (and Jen) ~ So Help Me Moses

By Nicole Donnelly

Recently, I shared a post from the hilarious Jen Hatmaker in place of my Note from Nicole. I like to be original usually, but sometimes someone else's words are just so worth sharing. This week I have some more of Jen's words to spread through the county because, while she wrote this post many months ago, she nailed this description of what life is like at month 100 (month 10 at the time of her post) of Covid life. I know some people love her writing, and some people can't stand it, but this is purely relatable comedic therapy. Enjoy!




I want go back to March/April 2020 Jen and pat her on her cute little head. All the new puzzles, "outdoor family exercise," the organization projects, my block schedule for homeschool. LOL. My friend Trina instituted "Family Master Class" back then and each person was responsible for presenting some interesting content to the rest of them. This lasted one and a half weeks. We are still dying laughing.

BLESS ALL OUR HEARTS. We had no idea we were all trapped in a hellscape that would last this long. We were like chipper little dumb dumbs cleaning out their closets.

Now we are like WHO CARES DAMMIT. We haven't worn button pants in months, and there is a good to excellent chance my last two children will not graduate from high school ever. I don't know what their future will be except very promising careers as TikTok watchers. It is in the hands of God and hopefully very, very lenient teachers who are like "eff this year." I haven't tried to create "meaningful connection" or "positive family body movement" in one hundred days, and I will throw a puzzle against the wall if you put it in front of me, so help me Moses.

We are sloth people. This is who we are now. Don't try to change us. The kids and I have melded into one human person. We are a blob. We are a single-celled organism, an amoeba which *fun fact* doesn't have a brain. Look away. We're hideous.

What "awesome intentional practice" did you roll out last spring that now lays in tatters? Dear lord, we had absolutely no stamina for that mess.

[PHOTO] Look at these clowns doing a puzzle while their mom posted it on Instagram last April. God bless and keep us.

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