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Note from Katy - Remember What You Love

A couple of years ago, life got hard. My babies went off to school, I had some personal things going on, and my anxiety was off the chart. I had to keep moving, I had to find a way to quiet my mind once a day. So I got on my bike. And I rode and rode.

In the last year, my bike got dusty. My muscles got soft. Sure, I got on my Peloton, but it wasn't the same. In December, we moved 1/2 mile from Downs Park-one of my favorite places to ride. Sure, I've ridden to the park with my family since the move, but I haven't really ridden. Three weeks ago, I decided it was time. I cranked up my music, pushed my pedals as hard as I could, and hit the trails. I couldn't stop smiling.

Downs Park is one of my favorite parks to ride in. There's something about riding through the trails in nature and then suddenly coming upon the view of the vast Chesapeake Bay. The view takes my breath away no matter how many times I see it. Sitting by the water and taking a 5-minute break listening to the waves crash is both energizing and calming.

On the way home, I came upon this little boardwalk leading back to Mountain Road. Going over it, I tried to read the writing on it and it ate my lunch. Off the boardwalk I went, through a bush and into a tree. As I backed up, laughing at myself, I looked around and was grateful no one was there to see it. What a spectacular fail on my first day back in the saddle. But you know what? I went back the very next day and I conquered that stupid little boardwalk.

Here's the deal: in the last year of balancing my kids and distance learning, work and launching a new business, a move and construction in our new home-I FORGOT what I loved! I forgot about doing the things that fill my cup and make my soul sing. I forgot about the things that make me smile because I was too busy doing all the things I "needed" to do. I remembered when I got back on my bike three weeks ago-what I NEED to do first, is remember what I love. Remember what makes me happy. Remember what fills my cup. And I need to do more of that!

What do you love? Do more of that too!





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