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Note from Katy - Plans Change

“Plans are things that change” -source unknown.

As you may know, I spent July riding my bike for a challenge to support Stop Soldier Suicide. My goal was to ride 250 miles during the month-and I honestly wasn't sure I could do it. My bike's been a little dusty in the last year and finding time to ride has been a challenge. I'm proud to share with you that I finished up the month last week with 326 miles under my belt and a healthy addition to hitting the pavement as often as I can to clock the miles. But I want to share what happened during my last week of the challenge:

I had a plan last Monday morning. I was planning to ride my favorite route-down to Gibson Island, through Downs Park, hitting up the Pinehurst community and then head home. This gets me easily 20 miles without thinking and I can turn on my tunes and just ride it out.

On my way back from Gibson Island, I spotted a cell phone in the middle of the road. I stopped and grabbed it with the intention of dropping at the ranger station at Down’s Park. A few miles down the road, my pocket started vibrating and I answered the phone.

Damion’s voice on the other end searching for his phone was a delight. I could hear his giant smile and his bubbling laugh. It was infectious. He was working on Gibson Island and must have left his phone on the bumper of a friend’s truck. He was so unbelievably grateful and happy and came back to find me again to say thank you after I rode away.

My route was different than I planned, but my smile was bigger when I rode away from Damion with his phone back in hand.



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