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Note from Katy - Celebrating Friendship

Today is my bestie, Jaime's birthday. As I was creating my Facebook post for her this morning, I had so much fun looking back at all of the memories we've made.

Jaime and I met 6 years ago when her youngest and my oldest were in Kindergarten. Lucas and Cooper both wore glasses and immediately gravitated to each other. Unbeknownst to us, they had matching outfits and would coordinate which day they would dress alike. It was months before the teacher explained why I had to immediately wash this outfit so Lucas could wear it the next day.

Jaime was my first parent friend in my kids' elementary school-and over the years she's become so much more! An advisor, a sounding board, a kick-boxing buddy, a drinking buddy, a vacation buddy. She's worked my events with me and last New Year's Eve when we moved, she and her husband Josh were both the last ones here at the end of the day assembling the twins' bunk beds. Jaime has cleaned up my kids' blood and my own blood. She's my person.

Life has been crazy for both of us lately-sports, work, home renovations, and we haven't seen each other since March. Next weekend, when we are reunited after what seems like ages, I can't wait to fall right back into our old antics. Laughing, talking, venting. Whatever it is, it'll be great. (We even have fun grocery shopping that's how great our friendship is). I'm so glad to know that I have someone like Jaime in my corner.

Jaime, I'm so happy that we met in 'Kindergarten'. That my crazy boys didn't scare you away. As we approach the end of Lucas and Cooper's elementary years, I can't wait to watch the new memories they make and enjoy the new memories we make! Happy Birthday, dear friend!



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