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NEW Summer Camp Programs from LYTE Run Club -Exclusive Offer

🏃‍♀️Are you a parent looking for summer fun that will jump start your child for the school year?

‍🏃‍♂️Maybe looking for a summer camp that gives your child a little more ambition, challenge, your even confidence and build on their amazing character?

LYTE Run Club is offering half day summer camps at a lower per class rate, than their typical 8 week sessions. Fitness < fun< empowerment is the key to their success.

Their curriculum is designed to increase children’s mental resiliency. Yes, we run. Yes, we teach running skills and kids will be tired after our sessions. Oh, and they will learn core running skills to carry over into every day life or even apply them to improve in other sports!

At the core, our goal is to CHALLENGE your child to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

What is the difference, or more important, why does it matter?

We’re glad you asked! Here is a brief excerpt from Childhood101:

“Those with a fixed mindset believe qualities like intelligence, skills and talents are fixed and can’t be developed further – they can’t do it and they’ll never be able to because they’re just aren’t good at that. They are fixed in their thinking because they believe talent reflects success, not effort.”

“In contrast, those with a growth mindset look at challenges and learning as opportunities for growth, with failure just a part of the growth and development process.”

By integrating activities, drills, and conversations throughout each session, we aim to encourage our kids to encounter difficult situations, or even failure as an opportunity that can bring them THAT much closer to where they want to be. This growth mindset has the capabilities of spreading from run club to home, school, other sports, and essentially all other areas of their lives!

Check us out and register for Summer Camp today at ***Exclusive Arundel Kids Special Offer: use promo code AKIDS10 for $10 off any camp! ***

Summer camps are for boys and girls ages 4-12. Select the appropriate week by visiting



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