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Most Valuable Painters Scores a Home Run for Home Makeovers!

By Katy Agro Myers

If you've followed Arundel Kids for a while, you might know that my husband and I moved our family into a fixer-upper last year. We've spent the majority of our time (and money) focusing on bringing the inside of our home out of the 80s and really not any energy on the outside.

This spring, I was determined to make the outside look as good as the inside. The exterior of our home was brick and siding and despite the gross siding color, it's pretty new and in excellent shape so it didn't make sense to replace it. We needed a facelift that had a minor financial impact - but a major visual impact! We decided to repaint the brick -but we needed something new and somewhat dark to ground the house. It's pretty long, so the white just kind of accentuated it instead of making it look purposeful. Add to it the ugly faded maroon shutters, well, it was awful.

In our old house, we had enlisted Most Valuable Painters to help us with some paint projects so they were up to bat again in the new house! Scott came out during the winter to take a look at our project and as soon as the winter weather broke, the MVP team was here prepping and painting! Scott kept in constant communication letting me know when and what I could expect from them. Since it was an exterior project and our home had been neglected before we moved in, he started with a thorough powerwash to get the brick prepped. His team was out the next to get the painting going and they finished in about a day and a half! Take a look:

When we moved into our new home, a neighbor joked that we had bought the eyesore of the community so anything we did would be an improvement. Just today, we got another compliment on how great the house looks outside! I feel so much pride in looking at our home now and I'm so grateful to Most Valuable Painters for their quality work!

Most Valuablle Painters specializes in custom projects both interior and exterior. Check out their services and call them today! Be sure to tell them Arundel Kids sent you!

I have received services in exchange for my review, but all of my opinions are my own.



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