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Merriest Christmas to You ~ A Note from Katy

By Katy Agro Myers

I cannot believe Christmas is just 2 days away (well really one by the time you're reading this).

This year feels heavy-I feel anxious about the covid case numbers rising again. I feel anxious to see family members and also anxious to not. I feel the pressure to create these magical moments and sometimes the pressure makes the magic not even fun! Here we are on Christmas Eve Eve and I'm stalking my order statuses to see when the last few presents will arrive hoping with all my might that they arrive while the kids are still at school today so I can get them wrapped. I have one kid at home on quarantine so I'll have to entertain him too.

It's fine, everything is fine. Right???!!

The end of the year always calls for reflection and I think I speak for Nicole too when I say, we are thankful you have joined us on this journey! We launched Arundel Kids about 10 months ago and we have experienced tremendous growth this year. We feel the love-and we send the love back to you too!

We'll be taking some time off for the rest of the year: trying to be in the moment with our families and friends, take a little down time to rest, and ready to kickstart 2022 and hopefully be able to bring back some awesome events!

Merry Everything and Happy New Year! Now off to finish addressing my Christmas cards 😉





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