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Maryland Hall Announces Openshaw Artist-In-Residence Program

By Nicole Donnelly

Maryland Hall is thrilled to announce The Openshaw Artist-in-Residence program, a brand-new program born out of community need.

The Openshaw Artist-In-Residence program provides accessible space to up-and-coming artists in the local community while also educating the public in the process of the creation of art through a diversity of forms. Artists are given the opportunity to create a collection of work to exhibit in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery at the end of their residency while also curating the exhibit. Maryland Hall’s Artists-in-Residence Programs provides a supportive atmosphere for artists in a creative setting, while giving opportunities for artists to develop their voice and contribute to the community at Maryland Hall.

The exciting new AIR program at Maryland Hall offers studio space, a materials stipend, marketing support, and a culminating solo show in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery for the artist following their three-month residency.

The first exhibit created during an Openshaw Artist-In-Residence is PHASES + FACES by Luis Bello. Bello joined Jovenes Artistas, part of Maryland Hall's outreach programming, in 2015 after overcoming many challenges in his life. Once in the program, he thrived as a visual artist. At his first group outreach show, Bello sold a piece of his original art and impressed patrons with his unique artistic voice. Over the years, Bello has participated in a number of public art projects and has also mentored some younger members in Jovenes Artistas. Bello currently lives and works in Easton while he develops new and innovative art collections. His process-oriented work features layers of abstract marks while also incorporating raw imagery and text.

PHASES + FACES opens February 3 with a free reception at 5:30 p.m. ET at Maryland Hall. The exhibit runs through April 30.

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