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Make Your Yard Great With Leave it to Beaves

When we moved into our house in January, there were a lot of evergreen bushes and trees. I hated them. They looked old fashioned and just overgrown in our backyard. About three weeks after we moved in, a friend came over and we ripped them all out. One was HUGE and blocking the whole sidewalk at one end of the pool. I knew it needed to go-and we cut it all down, but the stump remained. It was surrounded by bricks that had probably once been beautifully landscaped but now just looked a mess. In the past few months since we opened our pool, we've had many discussions about how to remove the stump efficiently and affordably-but it just kept getting pushed to the backburner because we really didn't know what to do! I worried constantly that a kid would trip and impale themselves on all of the edges.

I happened to see an ad for Leave it to Beaves last week and reached out to them. Owner, Steven, came out the very next day on a Sunday to give us an estimate-which was SUPER reasonable. The following Monday, Steven arrived and got right to work!

First up, ensuring the bricks were all removed around the area. Steven was super patient with my boys who always want to be in the mix and allowed them to help him remove the bricks too!

Next up, trimming the stump with a chainsaw and then getting the heavy machinery ready! I was very impressed that Steven put up a barrier, going above and beyond to ensure that no debris flew into the pool causing us additional clean up.

Stump removal time!

Within a matter of minutes, that ugly stump was GONE!

My boys can now play safely and my yard looks so much better with that ugly stump gone! Steven was amazing-even ensuring that I knew what to do with the area now that the stump was gone to ensure safety and aesthetics. Call Leave it to Beaves today! (443) 683-6775

***Mention Arundel Kids and receive 10% off any tree/stump removal service!

I have received services in exchange for my review, but all of my opinions are my own.



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