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Make Holiday Magic at Enchant

By Katy Agro Myers

I get so excited about Christmas, I swear I'm just like a kid! I feel the magic of the holidays and there's nothing I love more than creating that same magic for my own children. And light displays? Is there anything better?

Last weekend, we surprised the boys by taking them to Enchant DC. This walk through light display at Nationals Stadium was more than I ever expected! From the moment we walked up, and the snow was blowing at the front entrance, I knew it was going to be great. The sights, the sounds, even the smells-yup it smelled like Christmas too! My kids must have also felt the excitement because they were smiling ear to ear.

We started with a lap around to check out the line for Santa and Mrs. Claus' play place and special story time for little ones! While we didn't actually visit with the big guy while we were there, the set up was private, unique and gorgeous when we peeked in! Mrs. Claus' play place was full of toddler-appropriate activities for kids who just need to get out some wiggles. Off to the side were supplies for older kids to sit and color if they needed a break too!

When we headed out to Center Field seats to head down to the actual field, I almost couldn't control the excitement of our boys. They saw the lights and just went running down the steps! When we arrived at the entrance to the Mischievous Elf, we discovered some of Santa's toys were missing! My kids love a good scavenger hunt so off they went to save Christmas! Winding through the maze of lights and sights was so much fun. I kept hearing the boys exclaim, "this is amazing, Mommy!" "Look at that! Wow!" "Can we do this at our house?"

I loved that Enchant was interactive. It wasn't simply a light display you walked through. We found our way through the maze looking for toys. Some of our favorites included an airplane, dinosaur, and rocking horse. Scroll below to take a look!

Family fun included an area where lights changed colors when the kids stepped on them, lights you could walk through and ice skating too!

Enchant features local food stands and stadium regulars. There were holiday spiced nuts, cotton candy, hot cocoa (even the option to get it spiked). Holiday cocktails for the grownups, gluten free options, and more. There was so many things to do and so much fun to be had!

Pro Tips:

  • We splurged for the extra $25 parking pass-it was easy to get into the garage, easy to find a space, and the garage elevator let us out right at the entrance to Enchant.

  • Get the photo pass! When my family heads to events, it's usually me taking all the pictures. Sometimes I feel like I miss out on the moments because I'm just snapping away and hardly is there ever a photo with me in it! The photo pass gave me some peace of mind that we'd get some great photos-and I didn't have to stress about it and could enjoy our time together. Check out my favorite photo of the night below.

  • Dress WARM! We had layers and layers and still after about an hour and a half, we were cold!

Enchant is at National's Stadium until January 2nd. Make holiday memories with your family this year and head over to DC to have some fun! My family is already asking to go back again next year. Grab your tickets here:

My family was hosted in exchange for this review, but all of my opinions are my own.



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