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Make Dinner Enjoyable Again with The Take Out

By Katy Agro Myers

Before kids, I loved to cook. Even after my oldest, Lucas, was born, I still loved to cook. So much that I made all his baby food from scratch and enjoyed every minute of it. Then Avery and Brennan came along in my two-for-one package deal and they didn't even get baby food. I just threw whatever we were eating on their high chairs and they gobbled it up. My husband and I have joked since the twins were born that we wished we could just cancel dinnertime altogether because it's always been such a disaster. Here's what it usually sounds like in our house:

  • "Get back in your seat!"

  • "Don't get up until you finish your dinner"

  • "Do I have to eat that?"

  • "Ugh, this again?"

  • "Is this gluten free?"

  • "What's in this?"

  • "We're having THAT for dinner?"

Sound familiar? I swear lately as soon as someone asks what's for dinner, I cringe. I can feel the stress in my neck and shoulders as I prepare to defend my dinner choice/prep. Add into that crazy work schedules, sports and activities schedules and I'm just tapped out.

I found a secret weapon! Last November we started getting meals from The Take Out in Linthicum. Freshly prepared, nutrituitous meals that (drumroll please) my WHOLE FAMILY LOVES! We typically grab a meat and a side from them and then I make a salad or vegetable to go along with it. Bonus: there's usually leftovers and we eat them the second night! For less then the cost of taking my family out to dinner,(and what I probably would spend at the store getting things to meet everyone's desires) I can grab dinner from The Take Out and every loves it.

Dinner on nights we eat from The Take Out have become my favorite-and not just because I don't have to cook! Everyone goes to bed with full bellies and big smiles. We get to enjoy dinner with no pressure of what to make, no planning, and all five of us LOVE it! This is what dinner looks like now:


  • "Yummmy!"

  • "This is delicious"

  • "When can we have dinner from The Takeout again?"

  • "This is the best pulled pork I've EVER had!"

  • "This steak is the bomb!"

So skip the complaints and head over to The Take Out and get your dinner. They have premade meals and you can order your meal by 1pm for same day takeout.

Here are some of our favorite items from The Take Out Menu:

My boys tried the The Campfire Bowl one day and they were GOBBLING it up. Nevermind that it had onions and blue cheese. They not only tried something new, but they devoured it! The Dockside Chicken is deliciously seasoned and perfectly grilled. The Campfire Flank Steak-well, let's just say there were no leftovers this night. Chef Ryan’s Mac and Cheese, this is a fan favorite in our house. And Greta's Goddess Couscous? I could eat that as a meal! It's perfection.

My favorite part about dinner from The Take Out? This is what every plate looks like at the end of EVERY:

Do yourself a favor-order dinner from The Take Out today!

501 South Camp Meade Rd

Linthicum, MD 21090

Phone: 410-684-5014



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